We want to help educate and empower you to live the life you are meant to
and assist you as you work out your own salvation,
as a son and daughter of God

Sunday March 18 & 25
6pm  /  Berwick Secondary College

Your personal place of worship

We can have a very narrow definition of worship which comes from our church-bound, Sunday-centric view of worship. This can bind people who have a place of worship outside the church and involves activities less commonly associated with worship such as cooking or driving, to name a few. This module is designed to put the wind back in your sails, enabling you to become fully alive, as you discover your unique place of worship.

Your Mind, the gateway between heaven and earth.

This module is designed for you to understand how your mind works. It is the ‘doorway or gate’ through which all spirit life manifests or put another way, spirit life becoming tangible. Through teaching and multiple encounters you will learn how to practically engage with God and through agreement bring heaven to earth.

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The Academy focuses on empowering and equipping you to live from your position ‘seated in heavenly places’. Everyone is born with a unique purpose and destiny. Everyone is born into a family, you ‘belong before you have to believe’. And because your ‘behaviour’ reflects what you ‘believe’, the objective of the Academy is to train and equip you through the transformation of your inner belief system, the fruit of which is living the unique life you were born to live.


ROSE HOOD – rose@friendsfirst.com.au